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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pre-View: Renaissance Civilians

Hello all together,

as I mentioned yesterday, I got the new greens (or greys?) from Paul Hicks on the 16th of April at Salute. And I am sure you will agree that he has done a wonderful job on them! It was my highlight of Salute to get the new civilians in my hand.

The miniatures will be send to Griffin moulds tomorrow and I will get a huge stock from them.
I have taken some pictures with the miniature including the final codes and blister names. Each blister will cost 5,95€ (around £5,20 or 8,50$). Command sets, civilians and other small-needed-amount miniatures will be a bit more expensive. For core infantry I will try to keep the price as low as possible.

Once I get the message from Griffin that the moulds and castings are finish you can pre-order these lovely miniatures.

But now up to the pictures.

LC 01 - Beyond Good & Evil: This is a set including a priest with a wine cup, cross and long coat, a strupet pulling up her cloth, an horroractor with his beastmask on and a beggar. This set represents - as the title says - the down and ups of the renaissance.

LC 02 - Countryside: This set includes a hunter with his lovely huntingdog (hound from eBob), a lumberjack marching out to cut some wood and a peasant with his typical sword and a basket full of goods.

LC 03 - Citylife I: This blisters includes a Landsknecht guard sleeping on duty, a harold with important news, a smith with the newest armour he has done and a woman with a broom, sweeping away the dust in the yard.

LC 04 - Citylife II: This set includes one woman with a pot in her hand, a young girl with a newborn, a shoetrader with his stuff on a stick and an unarmoured Landsknecht thinking about if he should spend his money on new shoes.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! All critics welcome,



  1. I'm totally sold on them. If they are becoming available, please put at least one pack each aside for me immediately.


  2. PS: I know it's a marketing thing, but getting blisters made up exclusively of civilians respectively - even better - womenfolk, would be great. I'll need several of them civies, but only so many heralds, weaponsmiths or "beastmen"...

  3. Wonderful miniatures Stephan !

    I want all these blisters !!!!


  4. Wow!!!

    These are superb and you can count on my support- I'll have a set of each please :O)

    looking forward to pre-ordering as soon as they are available Stephan.


  5. Bloody brilliant, well done Stephan and Mr. Hicks.

  6. Wow, they are something special and really fill a gap in the market - too many favourites to pick out. I will be purchasing them and squeezing them into the end of the 15th century.

  7. Thank you very much all together, I am very happy with how they turned out. As I said, I send them tomorrow. Griffin Moulds is very fast so I think you will see them in early May.


  8. @Sire Godefroy. Yes I know. I am sure we will find a way so that you only get the ones you need - see this as a present for how often you helped me!

  9. These are excellent Stephan, the shoeseller is fantastic, well, they all are!


  10. Very nice miniatures Stephan. Worth the wait and lovely sculpts from Paul.


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