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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pre-Order: Renaissance Civilians!

Hello all together,

Time for pre-order! Until now our webstore isn't finished (but should soon be), so you have to order them from our catalogue to the left ->; Catalogue Link

Or simply use these manual:

1. Check for the codes you want (the new civilians cost 5,95€)
2. Send me a list of the codes to, including where you live and how you want to pay (Germany is banktransfer only, EU/Rest of the world is PayPal or bank transfer)
3. Be sure to add the postage (we have our flat rates: Germany 2,50€; EU: 3,70€, Rest of the World: 6,25€)

So please pre-order them! You will soonly see them painted, just wait a bit.
Shippingday will be between 9th to 20th of May.  Do not forget to check for our other stuff.

Here are the pictures plus the codes again - all civilian blisters are prices 5,95€:

LC 01 - Beyond Good & Evil: This is a set including a priest with a wine cup, cross and long coat, a strupet pulling up her cloth, an horroractor with his beastmask on and a beggar. This set represents - as the title says - the down and ups of the renaissance.

LC 02 - Countryside: This set includes a hunter with his lovely huntingdog (hound from eBob), a lumberjack marching out to cut some wood and a peasant with his typical sword and a basket full of goods.

LC 03 - Citylife I: This blisters includes a Landsknecht guard sleeping on duty, a harold with important news, a smith with the newest armour he has done and a woman with a broom, sweeping away the dust in the yard.

LC 04 - Citylife II: This set includes one woman with a pot in her hand, a young girl with a newborn, a shoetrader with his stuff on a stick and an unarmoured Landsknecht thinking about if he should spend his money on new shoes.

So be on the safe site and get your self some civilians for sure!
All the best,


  1. Great news! I'll be pre-ordering as soon as my bank manager (re; girlfiends! gives me the go ahead :O)


  2. Yeaaaaaaaah great news !

    I want all these references ! I join you by PM ont he german forum !


  3. fantastic,

    email on the way!


  4. Two full sets preordered, and awaiting them eagerly :-)

  5. I am very sorry that they are still on pre-order, but the date from the caster was a bit ... too optimistic.

    All the best,


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