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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Renaissance Civilians - First step

Hello all together,

as I mentioned before, Mr hicks is sculpting the civilians at the moment and I will have a look at them at Salute (16th of April) and will make some snapshots before they will hit the post and go directly to griffin moulds where they get their moulds and I get my castings (surprise!).

So I think I will have them around the end of April. The lists for the civil blisters are:

  • Citylife I: a Woman with a pot, a Woman with a broom, a Smith, a Guard
  • Citylife II: a Shoetrader, a Man with a shoe, a Herald, a Woman with kid
  • Countryside: a Hunter with a dog, a Lumberjack, a Peasant
  • Beyond Good and Bad: a Chaplain, a Beggar, a Strumpet, an Horror Actor
As always: I would like to hear from you what should appear to the market and what you think should be done for the renaissance. All critics welcome!

All the best,


  1. Hello Stephan !

    As I begin a "German" peasant army (in Alsace), all these miniatures will be really usefull !

    I think I will buy all these blisters !



  2. Hi Stephan,

    All these miniatures being designed will be great for the folks who wish to add a little charm to their collections an/or gaming.

    I would like to see a camp scene of soldiers gambling, eating and drinking.

    Naturally, some soldiers assisting an engineer in the siege.

    A band of Landsknecht freebooters who are veterans and show the signs of their recent battle.



  3. "I would like to see a camp scene of soldiers gambling, eating and drinking."

    I know it's a very big ask but a few surreptitious Landsknecht card players hiding behind a tent/wagon/something would be amazing Stephan.

    Or, maybe Pike in marching pose (talking amongst one another (shouting, grumbling, laughing).


  4. Thank you all for your great response. I think I will really have to do some Landsknechts playing cards. Marching ones are planned but I am sure they will take a while.

    Thanks again to you all and feel free to write me even more suggestion!


  5. Hello Stephan

    I definately agree with the landsknecht gamblers and landsknechts eating / cooking. They could work really well with some of the various tents tht are available out there.

    Other suggestions;

    A protestant priest preaching to his troops before a battle, or perhaps even Luther himself?

    An execution scene

    A sutleress & provost

    A landsknecht with some guard dogs

    An entertainer with a dancing bear

    A shoe seller

    Dead and wounded landsknechts

    Mounted officers and scouts

    Anything that you come up with would be a welcome addition to a renaissance army.


  6. Thanks again Stuart.
    I like the idea of the priest/cleric, and I have to say he will be a good guy for the peasants... oops, did i mention the peasants? ;)

    The shoetrader will be in the civilian blisters. I have a look at how much i can do for the other points from the list.


  7. Stephan was very kind to show me those figures at Salute and I must say that this is some of the best stuff I ever seen and definitely Salute 2011 main highlight! Gorgeous stuff! Congrats Stephan!

  8. We want to see this new miniatures Stephan !! ;)


  9. Thanks :)

    I think, Paul Hicks has done a wooonderful job on them. I have hardly seen any miniatures with such a character and so much detail! I will upload pictures tomorrow when i got best daylight. Miniatures will be send to Griffin mould this week and I will get a big stock of them. And it was great to meet you Javier, the magazine is great! I tried to read it in the plain but i think i failed... Anyway, the pictures are lovely.

    All the best,