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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Wave officially released

Hello all together,

those who pre-ordered will already have noticed that the new miniatures are finally released now (for two weeks). For all of you who havn't pre-ordered the new minaitures - it's time to order! As always, drop me a line under

LC-05 – Hunting Party – 8€ (3 miniatures)

 LC-06 – Countryside II – 8€ (4 miniatures)

LC-07 – Dancing Party I – 8€ (3 miniatures)

LCC-01 – Commanders (Maximilian I., Frundsberg, Götz von Berlichingen) – 8€ (3 minaitures)

LI-01 – Landsknecht Drum-Gamblers – 8€ (3 miniatures, 1 drum)
Next week you will see the miniatures painted!


  1. Simply beautiful! Great to have them available.

    1. One very minor thing: you might want to consider having the names of Götz von Berlichingen, Maximilian I and Frundsberg named in the correct order in pack LCC-01.
      I guess everyone can't be expected to be able to tell them apart. Although I must say that the sculpts capture each one of them perfectly!

  2. Great stuff. Saving for Salute at the mo' but very interested in buying most of these mini's.

    Will you be at Salute Stephan?


  3. The next ones in the list!!! They are wonderful and very interesting models for a game table.

  4. @NW Crew: thanks for the info! I will have them in the right order once I have the pictures from the painted miniatures :)

    @Bedford: Yes, I will be there with a good mate :)

    @Juan: Thanks! And many more to follow!

  5. I received one pack of each of these gems. They really are very nice. Well done! Cheers, John