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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Flags, and old ones back in stock!

Hello all together,

quite a long time has passed since I have posted anything. Anway, we now have 8 new Swiss flags, representing most of their cantons. All are priced at 2,20€ each, and I will soon at them to our catalogue.

I had to turn down the colour for the catalogue pictures, so nobody copies them and print them out for own purpose. I also have a lettering over the picturs - of course it is not on the final banner, but you get richer colours (see picture below).

SF01 - Canton Basel

SF02 - Canton Bern
 SF03 - Canton Klarus

SF04 - Emblem of the Reber Family
 SF05 - Canton Schaffhausen
 SF06 - Canton Schwyz
 SF07 - St Gallen / Appenzell-Innerrhoden

SF08 - Canton Uri

As mentioned above, all the flags have a much more richer-print with more vivid colours. See a sample of my collection. (I wanted a bit more battleworn look for the left flag, so I took a knife and fringed the edges. I also applied a black drybrush on the edges)

And for the new miniature release:

I planned more civilians and some personalities as well as some Landsknechts. The sculptor told me that he is currently working on them so expect some pictures soon.

All the best,


  1. Now that is a tease Stephan ! show us some more photographs of your figure collection.


  2. Nice flags, the miniatures are wonderful as well.
    Weiter so ;-)


  3. Any news about your webshop? Just discovered your wonderful line and would like to know what is in stock etc.

  4. Sorry to all for the delay but I am really busy in the last time.

    @Stuart. I don't have a big collection, but I will see what I can do with more pictures. The only thing is, that most my minaitures are from other companies.

    @Anonymous: It will quite take its while as the webmaster has changed with personal problems and I have to find someone new.

  5. Any news? Figures or somerhing else?

  6. I hope I got the pictures very soon, but won't take long, I am sure!