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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pictures of the civilians

Hi all together,

just a short post to give you some inspiration how you can paint your civilians! The wonderful paintjob is done by Andrew Taylor.

LC-01 - Beyond Good & Evil

LC-02 - Countryside

LC-03 Citylife I

LC-04 Citylife II


  1. Agreed, they look lovely. Can't wait to paint them :)

  2. Yes, they are really lovely painted! I am ery happy with them and Andrew will paint many more Pro Gloria Miniatures.

    @matheo: Have you already started working on them?

  3. Not yet Stephan: I have some commissions to do first, but I hope to start them next week maybe. I do need to figure out first how am I going to base them: either in single bases or maybe on some little diorama. The problem with latter is that I don't have any scenery at hand, so I'm leaning towards single bases :)

  4. @matheO: you could do a tournament! Knights became fewer in the 16th century but there were still a lot of tournaments. You should check out this blog (it's german but if you see he pictures, it's enough!)


  5. Haha, yeah, that's a neat idea! However, I already know what I want to do with the figs - I want to have a landsknechts camp, to use with either my warhammer empire army or my italian wars' imperials (in the making). There are some good sketches in Osprey's "Landsknechts", also this site is full of useful images and info:

    I have already decided on sibgle basing, I just need more figures :) What are your next plans? Any chance of having "execution" set (as depicted in Osprey) or "mustering the landsknechts" (likewise)?

  6. Oh yes, of course I have the book and I know this (very useful) site!
    Our next releases will be:

    *3 personalities (first the 3 dismounted variants but all will be available as a mounted version, too).
    *3 new civilian blisters (dancing party - one woman and one man plus one dancing bear | On the hunt: three hunters with one dog | Countryside II: Many new peasants including a child and two women).
    *1 Landsknecht camp life blister (two guys playing with dices and cards on a drum & one is watching)

    I made plans for many new civilian blisters plus other Landsknecht stuff. I also thought about a gallows-scene ;)


  7. Any sneak hint which personalities we may expect? Given the time, anything from Frundberg over Luther, Faust, da Vinci, Machiavelli to Kopernikus might show up.

    On another note: While a dancing bear certainly goes not amiss for any medieval to renaissance festival, doing two pairs of humans might be a bit more usefull then a lone bear (who would need a musician and/or handler - and of which several are already available). Perhaps one middle aged pair and a Landknecht taking a local girl to the dance might be hoped for.

    However... well painted minis.

    I am looking forward to put my own to the brush.

  8. *1 Landsknecht camp life blister (two guys playing with dices and cards on a drum & one is watching)"

    Oh My God :D Can't wait to get these :D

    BTW - by "execution" I meant the beheading scene, it's somewhere near the end of Osprey's, with kneeling convict and a doppelsoldner beheading him with his zweihander while the troops and officers stand in circle and watch the punishment.

    Anyways, I can't wait to see next releases. My wallet whimpers in terror ;)

  9. Thanks for the comments!

    @Puster: The first three personalities will be quite 'basic'. First is the German Kaiser Maximilian I, the so called father of the Landsknechts. The first version will be dismounted, with a mace and a half-plate armour. The other versions will be a mounted torunament knight in full plate with a lance and a great shield plus extra details. The last and third version of him will be in his older years, watching something in his throne (tournament, or sitting in the church, etc.).

    The second personality will be Frundsberg, as he's portrait. (Halberd, with half-plate armour).

    The third character will be Götz von Berlichingen. Also dismounted. He has an advanced pose, drawing his sword. He will be available mounted, too, and will look like the wood cut from Dürer.

    I am thinking of the other personalities you have mentioned. I am sure some of these will just fit in line!

    For the bear: Of course some dancing civilians are missing! But I have already made plans for two sets of them. One will be like the morisc-dancers and one will be inspired by several paintings from Hieronymus Bosch. The things is: My release waves are always around 16 miniatures (one production mould). The dancers just wouldn't have fit in... So you will have to wait for them in further releases. BTW: The dancing bear will be sculpted by Kevin Adams.

    @matheo: I got the german version of the two Landsknechts ospreys mixed in one. I think I don't have this execution picture. I am not sure how common such kind of execution was, as I know the hanging and to break sb. on a wheel.


  10. I've sent you an e-mail with this page from Osprey, see for yourself if it's of any use for you :)

  11. Thanks matheo. I will see what I can do...


  12. Maximilian in 3 pose, adding Frundsberg and Berlichingen. Oh joyous moments :-)

    Consider two sets sold, to start with.

    Do you know the miniature lines of Redoubt and Bears Den? They already do have executioner scenes or gambling Landsknecht - sadly their sculpting is outdated (to name it polite) and better quality versions of similar scenes will be most welcome. I am looking forward to see them, especially the gamblers. I need some scenery to crew my ttw Guard tower.

    I cannot remember to have seen these miniatures on the miniature portals, like TMP or TNG. I am sure the odd collector out there is will be interested, too.

  13. Thanks Puster! We will be present on all servers, forums and websites once our new webshop and website is finished :)