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Friday, December 31, 2010

First blisters for 2011 and a happy New Year

Dear blog reader and follower,

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who supported Pro Gloria with comments or criticism in 2010 and I want to wish you all a happy and great 2011!

However, I don’t only want to say thank you but I want to announce some news.
First, I will continue the work on the homepage as the blog is really untidy and confusing and does not replace any website. I will keep writing the news on the blog as well so keep an eye on it!

The second thing is, that I will try to make a PDF file as a kind of a catalogue so you can see what we are offering. This should be a short file as we only have the hackbut and the pigbearer until now!

What brings me to the third and last point: New packs! As I recently received the casted dollies I am going to send them to Paul Hicks and he’ll do the first four blisters of our civilians Range for the 16th century. Some of the civilians should be usable for the late 15th century as well.

I don’t want to spoil too much as it will take it time: it’s done when it’s done.

So long,
Stephan Huber


  1. Will the new blisters be Civilians or is that just me thinking that due to the picture ?
    Happy new year

  2. Yes, I plan 4 blisters for civilians. Maybe more. Some of them will also be useful for unit-fillers and stuff like this.

    I will try to catch the 16th century feeling with the packs but there will also be miniatures which are going to be full of use in Roleplaygames for example.

    Cheers and a happy new year,

  3. Happy New Year Stephan. All the very best to you.

    I look forward in seeing the civilians released at some point. Will be nice to paint up something different for the gaming table and provide a little charm overall.



  4. Great news :-)
    Civilians in proper clothing for this era are not easy to come by. I am looking forward to these, and will get two each at least.