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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Dollies Report

Hello everyone!

Mister Hicks was very busy in the last time and he finished 4 dollies for new Pro Gloria miniatures.
These will be copied and then arms, clothings, hats, swords and heads will be sculpted on every copy once again. So I can use the same poses, but all with different styles of clothing and equipment.

From Left to right:

  1. Marching dolly (abit like the one from the looting Landsknecht)
  2. Attacking dolly: Very useful for the upcoming halberdiers! I searched for pictures which explained the kind of fighting rules the Landsknecht used and then I sent the pictures to Hicks. 
  3. It's a standing one - nothing speial but good for command or upcoming civilians!
  4. Again, a fighting/walking dolly for crossbows or halberdiers.

On this picture, the order is a bit different:
Fighting pose; Fighting pose; Standing pose and walking pose

New reports once the dollies are casted and then we just have to hope that Mr. Hicks is not the busiet man on earth or that he has 8 pair of arms.

Plus those four dollies, I still have the neeling dolly here - so expect some new packs : )

For that,
happy Helloween



  1. Great news Stephan.

    Can't wait to see how the sculpts come out.


  2. Nice ones! :) Good to see some movement in your range.

  3. Great Great Great
    I can't wait to see them finished !!

  4. A very good start; I am very fan of the looting figure and of the gun & crew you sent me so I will order these as soon as available ;)