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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Further upcoming miniatures

Dear visitors and followers,

first off, I have to say thank you to you all! The number of visitors is extremly high for me, and it increase every day.

But as I mentioned before, I'll put up the list for further coming releases:
  • Kaiser Maximilian I. (mounted) (the german emperor who introduced the Landsknechts)
  • Georg von Frundsberg (dismounted) + Görtz von Berlichingen (dismounted) (two of the most famous generals in the Landsknecht era)

  • Mounted general and dismounted general (full plate)
  • Mounted general and dismounted general

  • Doppelsöldner I (soldiers with the double pay)
  • Doppelsöldner II (soldiers with the double pay)

  • Characters I (including 'Profoss' , a farmgirl and a pack mule/horse)
  • Characters II (including a peasent, his little peasent son and a cow)
  • dismounted knights/ heavy armoured troops I (can be used as "Doppelsöldner", too)
  • dismounted knights/ heavy armoured troops II (can be used as "Doppelsöldner", too)
Cheers for all your interest,


  1. Hi Stephan,

    I'm interested in the range as a painter and collector of colourful troops.

    Looking forward in seeing what develops over time.


  2. Hi Helen,
    thank you very much, there'll be a lot of miniatures - I hope you'll enjoy them all.


  3. Cheers!

    Looking forward to see your peasants, keep doint this great job of yours!

  4. Hi I like your miniatures, but where I can see all miniatures. Like every painter I like good models :)