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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Beginning of Pro Gloria Miniatures

Dear readers and visitors,

We are happy to announce our first own range of 28mm miniatures - which specialise in the 16th century. On the whole we will do such called „Landsknechte“ (the English prefer the word „Landsknechts“, which is German and means “the men of plains”, as these were the counterpart to their Swiss opponents, which were “the men of the mountains”.), who lived in the 16th century and started the fall of chivalry and then grounded the beginning of the infantry. We want to fill gaps in the market, and bring out some specials and non-produced individual items.

For this, we sorted out a nice name, and we dubbed our company ‘Pro Gloria Miniatures’, which is latin and means ‘For Glory miniatures’.

The miniatures are sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks and some are done (like the horses) by eBob. Terrain and bits are made by Paul Cook.

As our company is still in its infancy, we kindly ask for your patience, so that we can wait on the sculpted miniatures and also the casted ones.

We have the first packs on the stocks , and they will be the following:

  • Handgunners - Kneeling
  • Handgunners - Advancing
  • Handgunners - Characters
  • Light cavalry - Charging
  • Light cavalry - Advancing
  • Light cavalry –Characters
  • Light cavalry – Mounted Handgunners
  • Handb├╝chse (the German word for "hand rifle")

To increase our range as fast as possible, we are also asking for donations. For more informations on donations, please take a look above to the ‚Donate-Button’.

As a little foretase, we have something for you so you can see our high-quality products. This miniature was made for the Steve Dean Forum, and to get funds for the forum owner Steve Dean himself.

The miniature shows a looting Landsknecht with a little pig under his arm. You can still purchase this miniature Here: Link

That’s all fort he first impression, we’ll upload a full list of the upcoming range later that week or at the beginning of the new one. We raise the glasses for a lot of readers, customers and a lot of comments.

Let’s finish the post with the famous words: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

Best wishes,

Stephan Huber,

Pro Gloria Miniatures


  1. excellent stuff! cant wait to see the figures!

  2. Best of luck for your enterprise! Personally I hope for sutlers and other people in civilian dress as that's the biggest gap in existing ranges still to be filled. Looking forward to your progress.


  3. Cheers for all your nice and kind comments. Yes, more civilians planned as only these two packs above.

  4. Stephan
    This looks like an great potential range of figures and of course you've picked a great designer.. will keep watching - the time draws ever nearer for Italian wars or Swabian of luck.

  5. Hey Stephan,

    I hope you may consider the mounted Handgunners skirmishing and firing their Handb├╝chse etc.

  6. Hi Helen,
    sorry for the massive delay in replying, but reallife things mixed things a bit up for me.

    But now to your question: Shooting out of the saddles would be very unrealistic, as normaly soldiers dismounted (first to aim better and second not to frighten the horses by the smell of gun powder).

    The most of these informations are by a good mate 'Sire Godefroy'here, thank you once again.

    Because of all these, I have changed the blisters to:

    *Mounted Arkebusiers (Arkebuse can be replaced with crossbow)

    *Mounted Arkebusiers - Characters. (one shooting rider, one horseholder and one who just mounts up).

    Let me know what you think,

  7. Sounds good Stephan. Many thanks for replying.

    I've just read where this occurred and so this is good thing.