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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pre-Order our Pike Landsknechts!

Hello all together,

one last post on this blog - any new ones will be right over 

I received pictures from our sculptor Paul Hicks. He has just finished the best Landsknechts I have ever seen! They will all be available on the 12th of Decembre, just right to be shipped under your christmas tree. We will also stock enough pikes to equip your soldiers.

Here is the link to the pre-order section: Link to Pre-Order section Also, do not forget to buy some of our pikes in the weapon section

The standing Command
Standing Pike I
Standing Pike II
The advancing Command
Advancing Pike I
Advancing Pike II
Unit Deal - 1
Unit Deal - 2

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  1. This is so good it hurts.
    I must say I've never seen better sculpts of landsknechts. And as always Mr Hicks fill his sculpts with so much character.
    Great job and a great "start" for your miniature line.

  2. Very nice Stephan, Paul has done a great job.

    I hope in the future (and if interest is there) we can see some dynamic poses for the pike blocks with character figures both in the pike and command- perhaps at the push of pike as shown in the Osprey.



  3. Stunning minis Stephan !

    Might have to get me some for the later part of my Kalmar Union War project...

    Best regards Michael

  4. Hey Stephan! Congratulations to your new website! :) Great stuff!

    Because of all your efforts and talents I've just handed you and your blog a Liebster award:

    I think Pro Gloria deserves this. :)

  5. Stunning figures. Look forward to seeing them painted up. Welldone.