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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Releases and Good news!

Hello all together,

time to bring back some life in this blog. First of, I received a lot of new flags today from our painter Pete. The new releases includes no more than 17 new Swiss flags! Soon you will find these in our catalogue.

Now to the good news: Paul (our sculptor) told me that he will finish our new 6 (!) blisters in November so I will have them all ready for Christmas. No civilians this times but the rank & file troops you will need to create big pike blocks.

Also, our website is almost finished and will go online with our rank & file release.

At the moment, another sculptor is doing a lot of horses ... As well as some dollies for the riders! Won't take long to show you some pre-views for some excellent knights.

We will also stock a whole range of Polish Napoleonics in 28mm, sculpted by Paul Hicks. Will have them for sale in late November/early December.

All in all, this sounds like some good news to me!

All the best,



  1. Glorious news! Will buy!

  2. Great news Stephan. What period for the rank and file?



  3. All good Stephen, keep up the good work

  4. Thanks for the kind comments! :)

    @Helen: For the 16th century Landsknechts.

  5. I am looking forward to these!

  6. Great news indeed! I love these minis (maybe this is the right time to paint some of them up :D)

  7. Any ideas which style the new "rank and file" will be?

    There are many Landsknecht already out there, the old Perry made Foundries and Artizan on the forefront. Will yours complement these, or perhaps even more cover the earlier period (aruond 1510?) or the more rustic style (peasants war?). More variety in this era is never wasted :-)