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Friday, December 9, 2011

Long awaited news! Pre-view for the second wave!

Hello all together,

here are the long awaited news: The preview for the new miniature wave! Paul has just send me the pictures of the new greens (or greys) and I felt in love (again).

Around X-Mas, I will also recieve an animal which is a must have with one of th following blisters... It is not sculpted by the talented multi-armed-Paul-Hicks but by another well-known sculptor - now guess who it is! 

So when I have the last part for this wave, they will be send to Griffin Moulds for beeing cast. I expect the release in late January to Mid-February. 

But now to the pictures! 

The first of our new set is a character set including no one else then Götz von Berlichingen, Kaiser Maximilian I and Frundsberg.

Götz von Berlichingen became famous in the Swabian-Pesant-War (1525) where he led the peasants to (not so) glourious deeds and became a prisoner after the war was fought. His judgment became his doom and he had to stay at his castle in southern Germany.

Kaiser Maximilian I, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation described his self as the supporter of the Landsknechts. Actually, I doubt that he fought within the pike-blocks but I can really imagining a Kaiser in his best armour watching his soldiers fighting. This miniature represents the emperor in his mid-years - more variations will follow.

Georg von Frundsberg is the most famous maneuverer and a knight of the early 16th century. He became popular in the Italian wars especially in the battle of Pavia (1525). He got the nickname of "father of Landsknechts" by his soldiers and historicans.

The second blister is a hunting party. Hunting was practiced by noblemen or knights in their sparetime. Mostly arranged in big groups with many dogs, the nobles walked out and had their fun on their own ways.

One of the minaiture is loading his crossbow, while one nobleman tries to keep his dog on a leash. The last hunter has a falcon on his hand and a hunting-boar-spear in his right. 

There are two new peasant packs. The first one represents a young farmer family. 

The dad walks out to the fields and harvest home. He is dressed in a typical peasant-dress which was normally tinted with earthy-pastel colours. His wife carries a heavy yoke, on its ends probably water buckets. The other rigorous old lady is probably his mother which will help where ever she can. Work like keeping the herd together or flailing was commonly done by elder or children. 
And while we are talking about children, the blister also includes a small and young girl who preffered to collect the flowers in her apron instead of the mushrooms. 


The second peasant pack could also be used in a city or in a castle. It represents a dancing party of musician with bagpipes and a woman with a dapper.  And yes, in this set the animal will be included. 

The last pack (and a real Landsknecht release) represents three soldiers, gambling away their pay. Scenes like this are often illustrated in old books or on pictures and where part of the daily Landskencht life. 

look at the dices!


I hope you love the miniatures as much as I do - so please let me hear your comments.

All the best,


  1. These models are really GREAT, wonderful, and I expect to buy all of them. What a very good job.

    Have you plans for the mounted version of the Noble characters?

    A dancing bear?

  2. They look fantastic Stephan, looking forwards to their release!

    I'd like to see some young nobles/officers in less substantial or no armour... but mounted nobles and even a dancing bear would be good, as would more civilians.

  3. Great looking sculpts how do I order I would like one set of all these miniatures as well as the previous!

    As to the sculpter not sure but he is certainly top drawer judgeing by these!!

    Nope looked again still can't get who it is.

  4. @Stephan

    Like I said on sweetwater really superb miniatures!

    They are done by the great Mr. Hicks.;-)


  5. Thanks to everyone!

    @Juan: Yes, mounted nobles and these characters are planned. For example for Maximilian I: A mounted tournamend version, a version of him sitting in a throne, one mounted and overviewing the battle.

    And yes, it'll be a dancing bear - but who does it?

    @Arlequin: I have small plans for some command blisters with more regular looking officers and not too rich cloths, but really can't tell you anything more as I want to do other things before.

    @Willie: Yes, the miniatures above are done by Paul Hicks (the world's most busiest sculpting bee) but the animal for the new blister will be done by another sculptor.
    And you can use our catalogue above right corner, until we have a proper Shop system. Anyway, I will update the catalogue now again with more flags and a hackbut.

    Also, the new miniatures are not available yet - but will soon :)


  6. Hello Stephan,

    Once again I want all these marvelous miniatures !! :D



  7. I vaguely remember, a long time ago that there was a small range of civilian Italian renaissance types, unarmoured but in the latest 'fashion', bearing swords... sort of Romeo's gang meets Tybalt and cronies. A great concept but long gone now.

    Something like that would be great for adventure gaming, a bit like Mordheim but in the real world.

  8. They are beautiful, Stephan! You bring such nice ideas to life! I'm almost sad I am not playing this period! :)

  9. AFFENGEIL!!! You´re doing something big my friend! These miniatures are so great, I´m a bit proud that with you, LAM and Tsuba some high quality miniatures come from Germany!
    All the best

  10. Stephan these figures look fantastic, I will definitely be adding the sets to my collection. I particularly love the command figures and the landsknechts and drum but they are all great figures!

  11. Ausgezeichnet Stefan! a huge grin came across my face looking at these, fantastic work and so full of life.


  12. Thanks to all for the kind comments!

    @The Doc: Well, you can always start! The 16th century is colourful and interessting period.
    @Lt. Hazel: I am glad you like them, and many will follow!

  13. You should be congratulated form commissioning these wonderful sculpts by Mr Hicks - it's shaping up as a great range of figures. some great figures & vignettes to paint up. Will be making a purchase when these are ready.

  14. Oops!I missed read the post I thought this batch was by another sculpter missed that its the animal arriving later which is by another!

  15. :D I was hoping for pre-release pics when I clicked on the link to your page...and there they are! Splendid, again, I think I'm gonna buy all of these! I love Götz and the gambling soldiers :)

    Can't wait to order those!

  16. Amazing figures as always. I am really starting to look forward to each release. These figures (the entire line) are tops!

  17. As usual - great work. I can hardly wait to get my fingers on these :-)

  18. Dear Santa... :)

    Ok, time to start saving moneys now.

  19. Stephan,

    I have tried to send you an email a couple of times re the purchasing of each collection but for some reason its not working.

    Could you give me a price for both collections to

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Wow! Tremendous sculpts all 'round! Mr Hicks once again excells himself!!

    Great too see some military character packs, they would liven up the ranks of any Landscnecht unit and make great vignettes as well.